Working from home also known as telecommuting allows employees to leverage technologies which allows them to stay at home and at the same time, still be able to get office work done. Telecommuters are able to stay at home and collaborate with their colleagues and even attend meetings from home.

Working from home give employees a lot of freedom. Even though working from home has many benefits and it may sound great to many, it is not as easy as many think. To be able to successfully work from home, you need to be very disciplined.

In this article I’ll highlight some of the major pros and cons of working from home.


  1. Live Anywhere: One of the advantages of working from home is that your job is not bound to where you live. You can live just about anywhere and still keep your job. You will only need to plan for good internet link to stay connected.
  • Help to save time and money: Especially for many of us living in Lagos, Nigeria. In Lagos, an average person spends 3 – 4 hours commuting to and back from work and there are also many people working in similar situations across the world. If these people could be made to work from home, imagine the amount of time and money they would get to save.
  • Better Concentration working from home: It’s far easier to concentrate at home than in the office. The office is usually a noisy environment with many distractions.


In as much as working from home sounds great, it also comes with some cons

  1. Isolation: When a person is working in isolation without social connections, to complete tasks can get a bit boring. Chances are, one could get bored having no one to talk to or even share ideas with, while working on a task or an idea. An all-in-one collaboration tool such as Microsoft Teams can however help employees mitigate this challenge.
  • Pressure to do more: When we work from the office, most people work and do other things in-between work, like taking lunch breaks, checking their social media notifications, etc. When they close for the day, they still have the feeling that they have accomplish their task for the day whereas, when you work from home, you always feel like you haven’t done enough. People who working from home mostly end up working more hours than the people working at the office.
  • Distractions: Working from home comes with many distractions and this can affect productivity also. Hence the way to mitigate this is to setup a workspace for yourself that puts you away from any distractions and make a schedule for yourself and follow your schedule strictly.

As highlighted in this article, we can see there are benefits as well as cons of working from home.  However, working from home presents many advantages if leveraged correctly. It helps employees to be more productive and happier and companies make more profit when they have they employees work from home versus working from the office. Also for the society as a whole, working from home helps to reduce congestion and pollution.

Whether we like it or not, working from home presents many potentials that we all need to start embracing.

With the Covid-19 outbreak across the world, most countries are presently under lock-down and are forcing many of their workers to work from home. How has working at home been for you? Kindly share your thoughts

By Kazeem Adegboyega

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