There are many people who want to learn Azure but don’t know where to start.

The first question for anyone who is interested in learning Azure is “Why do you want to learn Azure?”. Answering this question is important because the reason to the why you want to learn Azure will determine the learning path to follow and how successful you are going to be.

Personally, I recommend that anyone who wants to learn Azure to have a genuine reason for leaning it just as it applies to learning other skills. If you have a good reason why you want to learn Azure, then the better your success will be. Below are some of the reasons why most people want to learn Azure:

  1. To solve an On-the-Job problem
  2. To get a new job that is more fun and pays more
  3. Getting ready for future jobs/opportunities

Three ways to Learn Azure

There are many ways possible for learning Microsoft Azure but in this article, I’ll will be keeping it to three. The three ways include:

  1. Learn by attending a training course: This can be done by attending formal training courses or online training courses with the aim of acquiring substantial Azure skills at the end of the training program.
  2. Learn through Acquiring Certifications: Acquiring Azure certification proves that you have the necessary Azure skills in the domain in which you are certified in. Certification can also help you when you have experience and you want to prepare yourself for future jobs and opportunities. This is a great way to learn Azure. However, your goal should not only be to acquire certifications but to ensure that in the process of acquiring the certifications, you have learn enough to be able to defend the certifications that you have acquired.
  3. Pick a specific problem, and figure out how to solve it (project-based learning):  You will either learn little or very much using this approach and how much you learn will depend on the scope of the project. A bigger project will often require you to make more research and you simply would learn more in comparison to a small project.

I will conclude this article with a list some of the popular Microsoft Azure certification to consider when you want to build a Microsoft Azure career.

Depending on your background, there are a many Microsoft Azure certification to choose from. Microsoft offer many Azure certification and below are some of them:

  1. AZ-900 (Microsoft Azure Fundamentals): If you are brand new to Azure, this would be a perfect place to start. This certification is for absolute beginner to Cloud computing. This certification is designed to test your knowledge of the basic concepts of cloud computing and other related tasks.

Note: This exam is not a pre-requisite for any of the other certification exams.

  • AZ-100 (Microsoft Azure Administrator) – This Azure certification is for IT administrators. This exam tests candidate’s knowledge of Azure storage, Azure networking, Azure security and other related topics.
  • AZ-203 (Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure) – This Azure certification is tailored for the Developers. This exam will test candidate’s knowledge on the understanding of how to develop apps and services by using Microsoft Azure tools and technologies. If you considering this certification, then you need to be proficient with at least one cloud-supported programming language.
  • AZ-300 (Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies) – This Azure certification is for Architects who are already knowledgeable about many aspects of IT business operations such as virtualization, security, networking, business continuity etc.
  • AZ-400 (Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions) – This Azure certification is for DevOps professionals and engineers. A DevOps engineer knows how best to combine technologies, processes and people to deliver services tailored to meeting the end-users/customer’s needs.

There are other new Azure certifications such as Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate, Implementing an Azure Data Solution, etc. For more on the available Microsoft Azure certification click the following link:

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