What is Cloud Computing? 

“Cloud Computing” is a term that refers to both hardware and software applications that are delivered over the internet.  

In order for any business to be successful, the business would need certain business applications. Users in today’s world, also require 24-hour access to their business apps, on different kinds of devices wherever they are. However, acquiring business applications of choice comes at a cost.  

The different cost variables can include: the cost of licensing the applications, the cost of setting up computers/servers, the cost of a space to host the servers, the cost of providing power for the servers, the cost of cooling the servers, and the cost of hiring a team of skilled personnel to run and administer the servers, etc. These and many more, explain why most small businesses are not getting the applications that they need to be productive and profitable. 

Cloud Computing to the Rescue 

Cloud Computing gives businesses better leverage when it comes to costs associated with the applications that the businesses require to function. As a business owner, instead of running these business applications yourself, you simple host it with a cloud provider such as Microsoft, Google, or Amazon. This concept can be compared to how most of us consume electricity today – where power companies provide us with cheaper and cleaner power, as compared to factory-based generators, without many of the headaches and stress of having to fuel and service a generator.  

A similar evolution is what we now have in IT and this is what is called “Cloud Computing”. With Cloud Computing, businesses no longer need to buy, build, and manage/maintain costly computer facilities anymore, or in the case of a large corporation, they can cut down on their budget when it comes to acquisition of servers, software etc. 

The Cloud has proven to be more secure, reliable, scalable and more affordable than traditional onsite IT (https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/trust-center/compliance/compliance-overview).  

Most business applications are now deployed in the cloud, and businesses can now access many of the business applications of their choice, in the cloud, at affordable costs. 

So, if you have a business and you are not already leveraging the numerous benefits of the cloud, now is the perfect time to do so. 

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